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Gas problems

Al F.

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So a lot of you know that I had some fuel pickup isses at Fontana, as evidenced by the fact that the car ran out of gas twice. Each time it took 5.5 gallons to fill it, with a 15 gallon fuel cell plus whatever fits in the filler neck. So, I took it apart tonight...


The fuel cell has a very nice surge tank, with the pickup attached firmly both at it and at the fill plate. Unfortunately the pickup line is made of that clear line a lot of us use on our gas jugs. It had turned yellow and rock hard. I put it in a bucket of water and ran some air to it...and sure enough, it bubbles just past the top fitting. Since its a size 8an to hose barb fitting which is pretty long, it looks like its just about at the 1/3 distance to the bottom of the cell. Mistery solved.


This is a really long winded way of saying that I didn't run out of gas!!

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Good to hear you got it solved Al. I guess I'll have to stop spreading the rumor that you just forgot to put gas in it before the race.


Greg Robinson

#12/55 Mustang

Team Hi Line Motorsports

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