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While I'm thinking of the past...


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Deep in the heart of Texas we've got a battle starting in CMC which could only be rivaled by the old Trask & Pfaff days of old!!!


Eric Varner and I fought tooth and nail for position all weekend long at our season opener. Side by side racing turn after turn, lap after lap.


The Texas CMC points are tied for first place after 4 races!!!

Varner- 385

Covini- 385


(we each got 2 wins, 2 seconds and a pole position!)


We'll be on the high banks of Texas World Speedway the same weekend you guys and gals do BTW!


Stay tuned!!!

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Hi Todd, The last time I saw you was at the start-finish line at Laguna Seca the last time we ran it. ('90 or '91?). You know, the weekend of the "Hurricane". During the race that Per was running the #81 and the front brakeline went out going into the Andretti hairpin. All in the middle of a large pack of cars. Coupla 360's. And STILL no body contact. Even with summer slicks. Good job eveyone. Anyways, CMCer's, check out Todd's region's NASA race report, just so we know what else is going on with our series in other parts of the country. Oh yeah, it would be nice in the next year or two to get, at least, our two regions together for a "Shootout". See everyone at B-Willow. Esse' #81... P.S. What track is roughly midway, Las Vegas? Arizona?

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