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rear end question (car not female)

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Do we know the gear set in 91 camaros...Are the 323's? I bought a new rear end and they said it needs to be a 3 series, not a two series for it to bolt in without bying a new great set. They said they think that 91 manuals do not have lower than 323's which would bolt right in.



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Hey Brady! If you obtained a G92 rear end (90-92 f-bodies) then you should have 3.42s. This should be a three series carrier too if that is what you have. If you have a two series carrier in an earlier 10-bolt you will not be able to run the Torsen (or any other cool posi). You will also need 28 spline axles to run the Torsen; see http://www.ws6transam.org/10bolt.html for more on that.


I think it is possible to convert a two series to a three series, check with someone who sells f-body axles and gears like Moser. It may not be worth the expense to convert, they will be able to tell you.


3.23s came in 4th gens, that is what I had in my '97 Trans-Am. I think that ratio may have also come in earlier 10 bolts (pre-90). You want 3.42s in your TPI set-up. Carbs do best with 3.73s.

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I would rather talk about the other variety of rear ends, but here is some information that may help. First off here is a link to all sort of options data on yout 91: http://www.fbodymotorsports.com/91camaro


You will see on this page a bunch of diff ratios that were used in 91 including a 3.23:1. The best way to confirm the ratio is pull the cover and inspect the ring gear. Most have the ratio stamped on them, you may have to spin it around to find it. The other method to determine the ratio is count the number of ring gear teeth and divide by the number of pinion teeth. As an example a 3.42:1 ratio used in our cars has 41 teeth on the ring and 12 on the pinion.


There were 7 1/2" ring gears used on the early third gen cars 82-84? and 7 5/8 in ring gear used on later third gens as well as on 4th gens. This diamater should also be stamped into your ring gear along with the ratio information.


I'm not sure but I think 3 series carriers were used exclusively on 10 bolt f-body rear ends. Not all 3 series carriers are interchangeable, you need to get one to match your gear ratio. The 2.73 and 3.08 share one carrier while the 3.23, 3.42 and 3.73 share another.


Hope this helps,


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One more way to measure your ratio.

Count how many times your pinion yoke turns with exactly one turn on your alxe.

If its just under 3 1/2 turns you have a 3.42..a little less than that, like 3 1/4 turns and its the 3.23..stay with the 3.42 or better.

Speaking of rear ends,I just flew in from Vegas and Spring break, and you should have seen those.....

OK enough,


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What are you doing at Spring Break at your age? And does your wife know? Or were you talking about a mustang problem..spring break, as in valve spring? As to the Camaro rears...I've rebuilt a bunch of them and recommend anyone trying it themselves to invest in a dial indicator if you expect long ring and pinion life; alignment and backlash are critical...there are also competition, high temp pinion seals available from GM...one item for consideration for the rules changes next year would be to allow a stud girdle for the rears...it doesn't improve any performance but it does double the life of a rear end as under competition conditions you have a problem with pinion climb which causes premature wear...strengthening the rear with a stud girdle helps alleviate this wear problem...cost is around $120 and is way cheaper than a R and R on the rear...richard

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