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Hey Steve and Everyone else, I sure missed being at the licensing session at Sear's, it was perfect for me.... It seems every race weekend some major problem comes up for me...I was all set to go to Sears when I was cutting some metal with 3" cut off tool and got a sliver in my eye.... (ouch).... and yes I was wearing glasses anyway it entered from the side and actually pierced my outer layer of the eye so I ended up having to have my eye sliced and the peice removed ..... this was 1/2 of Lazik surgery...... so I had that done at the same time.... not as great as everyone says it is.... in fact the eye that had the sliver will have to be redone in a couple of more months to get to closer to 20/20..... in the meantime my brain is still trying to get use to having one eye for distance and one for near...... after 35 years of wearing classes I still feel naked without them.


I am trying and hoping all will be well for Buttonwillow on the 3rd and 4th..... looking forward to seeing all of you guys again and especially meeting all of the newer than me guys... .... even though some of them may have been out more than myself.


Esse, now as for your question.... I have Curts email as


[email protected].....


He sent me a email after we missed being at Sears.... we have been in cummincation for like a year or so.... in fact Curt if you read this .... sorry I haven't replied to you yet but I am just now getting back on the PC.


Been real busy with the land development project.... Steve hope that helps you and Steve you can give me a call or stop by or Email me at [email protected] .... 805 238 4211. .... Again, Tony I owe you a heartfelt thanks. ...... Hope to see everyone at BW

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