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well.. hate to lose Nick to AI..

Just bringing up something that I talked to Sam Stowell about a few years ago...Before he sold his 4th Gen car to Don Trask..

Mr. Stowell ran his car as Super CMC in a few races as I can recall..then American Iron with unlimited budgets came along..Wish Super CMC would have been way to do it.. Nicks new #45, Jim Wilsons Mustang..Mr.Stowells flamed Camaro..(love that car)..

My own#88

Firebird..and a few more would be great "SCMC"

Super CMC..add some hp and bigger wheels to your CMC Car...what a deal..

Nick...think about running your car as SCMC at bw..just to show



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Per...I think you're off on the wrong tangent....SCCA kept adding classes for every three guys that wanted to do something different...between CMC, AI and AIX there are plenty of opportunities for people to build to their desires and budgets...diluting those three classes with another would be a big mistake in my humble opinion....the beauty of CMC is that the rules are clear cut and designed to keep the costs low and the racing intense...the board of directors has done an incredible job of maintaining that vision and purpose...keep all the energies and newcomers directed to CMC and you'll have 30 car fields by the end of the year....see you at Buttonwillow...RP

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Holy shididdily, I agree with Richard .


One thing not needed is another class of cars. As RP states, SCCA has a different class if your car has chrome or rubber valve stems, and two other classes whether you use a Fram or Purolator oil filter.

If you meet CMC criteria, you run CMC, if you barely miss CMC rules, but would be outclassed in AI, either build up, or build down.

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Per, I agree with Richard and Cosmo. If you have equipment or HP that are beyond the parameters of CMC, it isn't CMC. It's that simple. Three classes (CMC/AI/AIX) cover it well enough already.


Greg Robinson

#12/55 Mustang

Team Hi Line Motorsports

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