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Tony G

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Yeah, these new prices ain't all bad.


When I bought my set at CA Speedway (from the Arizona folks, who were they?) the set was just over $700 - mounted, balanced AND shaved!

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This is just my humble opinion, but if we can only get good pricing from one tire dealer, the pricing is not good. Net/Net we are paying over $800 a set. After shaving, balancing, shipping, or taking a day to get them, it is closer to a grand. I know we are beating a dead horse, but if we had Les Schab, and I do not know if they are in So. CA to make a deal with all of AI and CMC, it could be much less expensive if Toyo would cooperate.. All I know is I can get a set of Kuhmo shaved at my door for less than $600 anytime, anywhere. The contingency money is great, but even if you win both races over the weekend, it barely pays for one tire..If everyone who has Toyo stickers got some sort of discount, or rebate from Toyo, it would make sense.


Again, just my opinion, but if we can have just as much fun for less money, I am all for it!

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I have to agree with Brady that this "tire deal" isn't much of a deal. We don't have a consistent supplier with a consistent price, the tires have to be shaved to work right, and the reward for advertising the tire we have to use is a minor discount as long as you buy another tire you shouldn't need within a short period of time.


The Kumhos seem like pretty decent deal, Hoosier and Goodyear sell grooved 15 X 8 inch tires at the short tracks for less than 100 bucks a pop, with no shaving needed, and a cut going to the tire guy and the promoter. Hmmmm....

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One thing you must remember:

Can you use one to one and a half sets of "other" tires for the entire year??

I have every year with the Toyo's.

So $700 for a set of race tires for a year seems cheap to me, plus win a race or two and now its only $400 for a set.

I think NASA/Toyo put a really good deal together for us..so use it.

Want to go to Goodyears/Hoosiers, great expect to pay $1,100..Per weekend.

Stick that in your hat.


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