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Rules updates/clarifications

Al F.

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The directors are actively discussing areas of the rules to clarify. The intent is to make the rules easier to understand, and reduce the grey areas. We know of some, I'm sure you know of more. Email me rules you think need to be cleaned up (it'll be easier for me to organize them than if we all post them here). I'll tally them together so they are not only looked at, but prioritized.



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We need your email address.


One interesting clarification for us. The use of "commercially available" intakes. All 4th gen intakes place the filter "in the fender area." That is prohibited by the rules.


Actually the stock one can probably be considered to be in the engine compartment, but it draws the air feed from the fender area. The aftermarket intakes all use the hole that the stock filter draws from to hold a K&N filter that is below a plate that does separate the filter from the main engine compartment.


Not a big deal for me as I use the stock intake, but it was just a thought as I read the new rule.



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This has come up before, so its a good question.

4th gen cars must use a factory intake area filter as it takes the air from the engine compartment and not in the hole since it sits above it.

Putting a filter down into the hole ( like a K&N) would make it a cold air application which is not legal.

As long as the air filter sucks in the air where the factory one was placed, then you are good,and this goes for all cars not just 4th gens.


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