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Buttonwillow results

Greg R.

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The finalized results from Buttonwillow will be out soon along with the race report. For those that couldn't make it last weekend, you missed a hot one--literally!


Thanks for your patience.


Greg Robinson

#12/55 Mustang

Team Hi Line

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Hi Perry,

Many things happening this week.

Report and points will be up by this weekend.

Are you coming to Willowsprings?



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Probably not. I am running the car Sunday to do a shake down at Sears Point after some brake and suspension work. I will definitely make both SP races this fall. But the car is staying up in NCal til than so probably won't make Willow Springs


You folks have a great weekend.


This year my schedule has been really tough vis a vis the CMC schedule. I was able to run April BW but only on the weekend after the CMC race. I was scheduled for June BW, but Alan wasn't able to schedule the necessary brake work on the car in time...you will see some excellent pictues posted in the BW shop of Alan catching air several times as he heads across the field cutting off the Talledega turn because of massive brake failure at the Bus Stop in the CW direction. Apparently someone in T&S had a motor drive camera going and caught him off roading it big time. No damage, but we still haven't for sure located the problem in the brake system.



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