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Sears Point


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If anyone is looking for a tuneup for the falls Sears Points events, American Racing Club (the new racing group split out of NCRacing.org) is running SP, Sunday only, June 20th.


I couldn't make the CMC April BW event so ran with ARC the next weekend at BW. It was Mother's Day so a very light turnout, but we got warm up, Qualifying and 2 races in a day. I ran in front of 4 or 5 Miatas and a Datsun and behind 5 vipers and a GT1 and GT2 car, so was kinda lonely in the races.


SP probable will have a bigger turnout but more of us in the 2 minute range would be good for all of us. Not a substitute for our well attended races but much more friendly than SCCA for shake downs.


Go to the website for info. I think CMC cars would be in the Sedan 2 class.



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I was planning on going until I found my new house, now I am tied up in selling the old one. I was looking forward to dicing it up with you and Alan!

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