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Rule reminders

Tony G

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This was posted on 4/3/04,and I wanted to make sure you understand it, so I am posting it one more time to refresh your memory.


3.3 Appeals

Any CMC competitor may appeal any decision of the Chief Director to the full CMC Board of Directors. If the situation must be resolved during an event weekend the Chief Director shall call a meeting of all board members attending that weekend to decide on the merits of the appeal. The memebers will then vote to support or overturn the Chief Director's decision. If the matter is something that does not need to be resolved during that race weekend the Chief Director should consult with all the board members before a final decision is made. The Chief Director shall inform the competitor of the board of director's final decision. The competitor may appeal the final Chief Directors decision to the Executive Director as outlined in the CCR - effective 4/3/04


Decisions of other NASA officials may be appealed to the Event Director. Appeals must be made immediately following the official's decision in writing by filling a NASA "Appeal Form" with the Event Director. The Event Director's decision shall be final.


Drivers Infractions: The CCR will be followed in terms

of drivers infractions - effective 4/3/04


A competitor that is involved in any body contact must turn

in a body contact report form to the Race director immediately following the session, however this will still stay internal within CMC.

effective 4/3/04

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Tony - where are the appeal and body contact forms posted?? I didn't see them here, or on the NASA Pro Racing site.

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