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? Where to sell used stock parts?


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After stripping out my mustang for CMC, I have a few things left over that I would like to get out of my garage. Apart from trying to sell it myself on Ebay or listing them on a bunch of forums, does anyone know of a auto-dismantler/wrecker in the Socal area that buys individual used parts and would take all of it at once. Some of the bigger items include the seats, air-bags, & stereo system. and possibly a few smaller items.

I have tried a couple of auto dismantlers that I have come across but they only want complete cars.


Open to any suggestions or recommendations.





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Ebay is the best way to get the stuff out of your hands.

The air bags are worth at least $500.

That is the best way for the best buck.

Good luck,


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I've got a junkyard dog buddy in Fontana who may be able to broker the deal. I'm in Connecticut (how do you spell that?) this week, but will try to track him down and see if he is interested. They buy used take off parts from dealers and such, and since you have a late model 'Stang it may come together.



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