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Jeff Gordon at Infineon


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Jeff could barely stand up after the race,which goes to show you how much more physical it is to road race than turn left all day.


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Jeff's cool suit also quit working. I was there in turn two. I must say that he was way more consistent than anybody else.

I don't know when it's televised, but Ross Murray, the 2002 AIX West champion was in the Trans-Am race and finished 4th.


The stink of the weekend was that I could have been watching from pitlane if I had brought my long pants and shoes with me. Sunday at noon, my friend who is the fuel can handler for Jeffy said I could have the extra garage and hot pit pass, but I was outfitted in my usual for a weekend, shorts and flip flops.

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I'm not sure that I would agree turning both ways is more physically demanding than just turning left. On a short track you never get a chance to rest, its mash the gas, stroke the brake, turn, mash the gas, stroke the brake, turn, all in about 16 seconds. You're forced against the rib brace most of the time.


Road racing is busier at times, though, and there are more turns to figure out per lap, and there are more full course cautions on an oval that give you a rest, which is nice.


My first race at OSS, it was 107 degrees at 7pm when the race started! The heel of my driving shoe melted.

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All I know is a lot of hot shoe road racers really pucker up when going through turns 1&2 at Fontana. Something about holding the car on the edge for that long, at that speed, that close to the concrete...gives me the willys! Those turns taught me to respect the roundy-round guys a ton. Now if they could just stop sounding like hillbillies!

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