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Willow Springs Entries

Tony G

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So far we have :


Carson Scheller

Mike Donahoe

Kevin Hall

Michael Plum

Ed Varon

Brett Sciuto

Robert Heim

Tony Guaglione

Greg Robinson

Al Fernandez

Paul Anderson

Craig Fretwell

James Griffith

Don Trask (possible)

Ben Pfaff (possible)

Sam Stowell


And a few more slow to enter patrons!

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So add Brad Simpson,and Scott Gregory..now that we have his car running again.

Also add Brady Flaherty..simply because we need something to hit..sorry Brady I couldnt resist..

List is growing as usual.


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Damn - I can't wait until we have a list like that in Texas.


Have fun at WSIR, folks. I really like that track.

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Thanks Adam,

I know you guys will grow like weeds out there too.

Simply put,CMC is the most fun of any racing I have ever done,and as you can see many agree with me!


Tony Guaglione

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Attn CMC drivers: you are only allowed to hit my right side this weekend..


I have already bought my door, fender, and got my quote to fix the entire right side of my car..so go ahead and hit me on the right, please do not hit me on the left, there is no damage to that side!



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Brady, I'm not sure how far you are from Riverside, but my son works at a small body shop there and the owner is pretty race car friendly. (We raced against him at the oval track a few years back.) He may be able to make the damage less painful.


Besides, if you get enough Bondo, I mean polyester filler, on the car, you can use it like balast. If nothing else you can break chunks off after the car gets crunched again, and use them as souvenirs to sign and give out to fans.....

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