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NASA Texas CMC and AI competition, Round #4 10-11 July!

Adam Ginsberg

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Round #4 of CMC and AI racing! The CMC cars are separated by a scant .1-.5 seconds - predicting a winner is a toss-up!


NASA Texas schedule. Motorsport Ranch website.


Race classes, HPDE/RaceCraft, and now Time Trials as well. Online signup has been moved to the NASA National website. If you haven't done so, sign up now!


This event will be interesting......the former Elliott Fisher #12 2003 Mid-West Champion AI car, now owned and driven by Chris Lyons, makes its Texas debut this weekend in an effort to out run AI-Texas points leader John George. Can Chris keep up with the #16 of Mike Bell, #81 of Richard Dickey, the #91 of Richard Pedersen, and the rest of the competitive AI crowd?


There will be a Friday Happy Hour from 5-6pm for ANY car that wishes to run. The rules/requirements are simple - $50 PER DRIVER, multiple drivers can share a car, ALL drivers must have a suit and helmet ( available for rental from MSR for ~$15 ), must sign a waiver, vehicle must be track safe ( street or race cars permitted ), passing only allowed on the 3 main straights, and must be at the track by 4pm ( no one can arrive before 3pm ). Contact me ASAP to sign up for the Friday Happy Hour at texas-cmc-05 at comcast dot net.


See you at the track!

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