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Willow Springs Pit

Ed Varon

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Where are we going to pit?



Near / behind the Garages or on the other side near Turn 1??


Anyone going to be there on Friday?

My car will be there Friday but I won't arrive untill Saturday early....





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Ed, Per and I will be there friday by noon or so. We can go ahead and tape off an area if Tony or anyone else is pretty sure where we're gonna pit. Not racing this weekend with you all, but we are going to do the 3-Hour saturday nite with Nick as the 3rd driver. Should be FUN!!! Esse' #81...

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For those of you who will be arriving on Friday,just ask Ryan where he wants us, or find a spot thats open and then all get together and mark some space off for those who will be in late or early Saturday.

Thanks for the help!


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Hey guys,


I'll be at the track in the early AM on Friday. Jason and I like to pit behind the cafeteria/big garages, so if that's where you're headed then I can help Steve and Per (and anyone else) rope off an area. Maybe we could get a really big area for CMC and AI combined.


So, um, Greg....are you gonna BBQ?



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I'll be there midday.


Sorry Christine, I'm not bringing the BBQ this time. It looks like NASA is sponsoring the BBQ on Sat. night though. We'll all work together to mark off a nice area for the group.


See you there!



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Even though we will be not running CMC this weekend.

My trailer will be set up at pit wall as official tech trailer..

My "off" time from CMC is helping Ryan with tech...

( darn..he got a ride with Team Vision twin Turbo Porsche for the Enduro)

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