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Need a stock seat for a 95 Mustang (driver's side)

Guest Len Z

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Does anyone have a spare driver's side stock seat for a 95 mustang? I need to borrow/buy it for this weekends event at MSR. I just discovered mine has a broken frame (happened 5 mins ago) as I leaned into the car I put a knee on it to get across to the passenger side, I heard a "snap-clunk" and felt the rear side sink lower towards the floor(along with my stomach).

I'm going to call a local junkyward in the morning and see if they have any, please post if you can help salavage my weekend.






ps Yes, I'm going to ask a favor, please bring it to MSR if your going. Barbeque sandwiches are on me as a "thank you" (plus the price of the seat).

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Oh Man! Len....I've had Eric's Fox body seat in my garage for months! Not sure if it would work but I'm hoping to get it back to him next week.


-=- todd

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