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Hey, That was fun!

Kevin Hall

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I just wanted to write a quick note about how much fun I had racing this weekend. It may not have been for the win, but it's been a long time since I was able to have such tight, clean races as I did with Carson and Brad.


My son had a good time lending a hand to get Nick's car put back together, on Sunday. If he can't drive, he lives for a good pit thrash. I hope things went better for Nick in Sunday's afternoon race.


The good news is our lap times are faster than my buddies with their VARA Mini Coopers, which is a first for anything I've run up against them. (like a TR3, boy that used to be embarrassing.)


Now I guess I better get back to work. It's a whole 2 degrees cooler here than it was in Lancaster yesterday. Yippee.

Kevin Hall

#82 CMC Camaro


ps Brad, Tigger asked if you could clean up the front of your car, he wants something prettier to look at as we go through 8 and 9. I think we made him nervous a couple of times.

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Great weekend, great people, and close racing..especially the first race inverted..now that was a blast.

Look for more things like that to come.

Race report is almost done.

Thanks to all that came out.


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Yeah, if it wasn't pizza oven hot, it would have been great. That's what I like about CMC, no matter where you're running, you're racing against somebody.


And sure Kevin, I'll clean up the front of the car for Tigger. I wouldn't want you having to drive with a scared tiger in the car!

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