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removable steering wheel


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Does anyone have a removable steering wheel on a 3rd gen camaro and if so what mods did you do? did you use the original steering shaft?Custom steering wheel, etc.

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The easiest way to do this is to buy an adaptor for a Momo or other racer type wheel, and then buy a quick disconnect with flanges already welded on it to fit between the adaptor and the wheel. This is readily available all over the place and requires zero fabrication.

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We have one on our 3rd gen. We got the hex quick disconnect and wheel from TC Racecars. Why? They are the cheapest....The hex part welds directly to the shaft the OEM steering wheel came off of. It is a pretty easy weld. Our fabricator put it on when he built the cage, but I would try it myself with a 220 welder. Measure the shaft size so you can be sure to get the right size hex fitting. They come in 5/8 and 7/8. The quick disconnect bolts directly to a racing steering wheel that is available all over for about $30. We've had this set up on 3 cars now.


We kept the entire OEM column as we wanted the wiper switch to run the wipers for Enduro use. I would suggest ripping the OEM column out and using one of the kits you can find at TC, Capitol, etc. Try to pick up a Circle Track magazine as they have lots of ads, and you can find the best prices. It seems the oval track suppliers tend to have some pretty good low buck stuff. Can you tell we have limited funds? Here is a link to the kit from Capitol-http://www.cmwraceparts.com/Steering/Steering46.html.


The 15 inch wheel seems the best from our experience. There are 17 inch wheels out there, but they are way too big, you have to move the wheel too much. Smaller than 15 inches are likely more expensive, and if you find you have power steering moments like we've been fighting, you'll want the leverage of the 15 inch wheel to be able to keep racing.

Kevin Hall

#82 CMC Camaro

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