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Something to laugh about.........


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A fun little story I need to share that you all may appreciate


As most of you know I had some problems with a shredded tire on the BMW and I decided to get AAA to tow it home.

So after calling AAA and waiting a couple of hours for them to arrive, we finally head out of WS at about 4.00pm. Some ways along the 14, I notice that the tow truck is not behind me anymore so I slow down for a while to see what happens. My cell phone rings and the tow truck driver tells me that he has broken down he has organised for another truck to come out and take my car home. Numerous calls to AAA in following few hours determine that my car has been towed back to Palmdale for the night supposedly with my permission to do so, obviously NOT! By this time its 9pm and I'm not too happy about what's going on and demand that AAA find someone to get my car back to me tonight. More phone calls back and forth and finally AAA find someone at Tehachapee (where???) that will come and tow the BMW home. At 11pm another call from AAA to tell me that they are trying to find the owner of the caryard where my car is? so they can unlock & open the gates to let the truck in to pick up my car.

At 12pm I get a call and my car is on its way. Finally at 1.30am, my car makes it home.


In amongst all of that my fathers Cobra has an overheating problem to the point where he needs to call AAA to get towed home as well, although his experience with AAA and the towing was better than mine.


So, on top of a blown battery, & a gas (or lack of) problem in the racecar, or is that problem with the driver? all in all not one of the most successful weekends I've had, but certainly eventful, a lot of fun and worthy of a good story and a laugh !!!


Hopefully this means that I had all of my drama for this year in one weekend and there'll be no more


Looking forward to seeing everyone at Infineon.

See YA



one more thing....THANK YOU to everyone for their help with my car problems over the weekend. CMC people are the best!

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Heh - something to laugh about...NOW anyway - I bet you were pissed.


BTW - that BMW problem? See what happens when you let Heather drive?


Heehee, tell her not to hit me TOO hard next time I see her!

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Great story Brett! I have a great AAA story - I decided to up my coverage to get the 100 mile free tow because I did not have a trailer for my future CMC car. Well, I came out to the track, the day my coverage started, to earn my license and go racing with CMC who happened to be racing that weekend. I earned my license, had an illegal roll cage (that's another story!) so could not race with the guys. I decided to have some fun in HPDE anyway, had too much fun and cracked up on turn 9, tipping over the K-wall in front of the flagger in the process. I was fine, so was my instructor, - car not doing so well with major front end damage. I called AAA, they came to get my car and went on their way. I was about 15 minutes behind them and figured I could catch up easily and get home before hubby had a chance to see the wrecked car. I could not get him on the phone, however, was not worried as he would see me first. Right? Wrong! The tow truck must have broken a sound barrier getting my car back to Davis (83mi) - hubby was "surprised!" LOL!


CMC is quite an adventure, if you have a sense of humor you will love all of it! Where else are you going to get these cool stories!?

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Brett, that entire Mohave, Tahachapee, Landcaster area is not friendly to mechnical objects.


About 4 yrs ago, I was towing my boat with a rented RV with Scott Gregory from Sacramento to Lake Havasu (to of course do some research and developement, but that is an entire different story, but you could get it some pay web sites) and the RV broke the driveline going up the Tahachapee Pass at 3am... We got towed (with boat still connected) to Barstow...(Funny there were no bikini clad womend in the tow yard of barstow) We had to spend the entire day there until the company brought us a new motorhome..


Anyway, me made it to Havasu the next day, and if you want anymore info on the trip, you must ask Scott, because he was running much like his car, overheating, and kept pushing it until he broke!



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