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Tony, do you have Nick Steel's E-mail address? He said he thinks he has an extra SLP Torsen stashed in his garage somewhere that he'll sell me for $50 if he can find it. Also, which clutch was it you recommended, Pep Boys? Any particular one? Thanx, Esse' #81...

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I've heard of a lot of people just running stock clutches. We're not really making any more hp than stock, and most clutches are designed to have more holding power. That said, I've also seen that a lot of our clutches actually fail because the torque damper gets destroyed from constant hard shifting. I upgraded my clutch only because I figured if a clutch is intended to be raced, then its gotta have a more havy duty damper. I can't tell you if I was right...clutch is working well 1yr later, but a stock one probably would be too.

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