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good news, bad news

Al F.

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Those of you that were at Willow know I had an...interesting ride when my brakes went out. Today I (finally) worked on the car.


The good news: new master cylinder and booster are in, and the brakes feel great. Nothing looks bent more than normal underneath, so it looks like #5 is back in action for Infineon. You guys are in trouble now!


The bad news: every one of the tires that were on the car are wasted. Yep, every single one! They all have huge gashes and rips, down to the cords. It'll be interesting to see if the wheels are still straight. Of course this means I also need to measure to see if the axles themselves are straight, algin the car...and maybe then I'll get around to doing something about that god awful quarter panel

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Toyo's were actually made for road use as in "pavement"

I'm sure if I went off road racing as much as you did that weekend, I would have some pretty crappy tires too.

Just think how fast you will be with new tires at Infineon though!

Maybe we should have an exclusion for you to be able to run BFG All Terrain tires...


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