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Infineon Schedule - Tentative ???????


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Picked up this from the NASA website & forums.


Only 2 sessions on track on Saturday and we're finished by 12.15?


Tony, is this how it will be or do you have other ideas?




Here's how we're going to do it. The Saturday practice will be a practice as usual, but the "qualifying" will be a "qualifying race" with starting positions for the "race" being inverted based on season points. This means the grid will be set with the AIX season points inverted (i.e. last place gets pole) and the AI season points inverted (same deal). The session will start as a race and go for the alloted time instead of being a straight-up qualifying session. This "race" will NOT be for points but will determine the starting order for Sunday's Race #1. So, Saturday's "qualifying race" winner will get pole for Sunday's Race #1 (straight up-no splits for AI/AIX). The grid for Race #2 will be set based on the results of Race #1, again straight up. I know this all sounds complicated, but it should be fun and it was the best solution we could come up with given the schedule constraints we're working under, so have faith.


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Thats right, as I said I have a handle on it and will update you when I know more.

You know I will do what I can...and in two weeks I will let you know what the scoop is.

We will follow what John posted(thanks John),but count on the fact that I may have something else planned as usual.

John..what is: So Cal CMC #59 do we not know something???


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