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Looking for a Mustang Transmission tool


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Hello All

We are trying to beg,borrow, or buy a Mustang transmission extension housing bushing remeover, replacer tool. We have been plagued by a recurrent leak at the back of the tranny and have replaced the end seal three times now, without solving the problem. Apparently the dealer no longer supports this tool. Has anyone suffered from this before? Any suggestions. Thanks in advance


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Hi Craig:


Had the same recurring problem. Replaced the seal twice and the bushing once (the replaced bushing didn't look too bad). Each time the leak recurred after running a few sessions. Finally fixed the problem by rebalancing the drive shaft. Although I couldn't feel much of a vibration, the shaft was out enough to wear out the seal. Haven't had a leak since (5 race weekends).


Another thing to check is the yoke. It can score wear at the point of contact with the seal. I Fixed a rear-end leak last year by using a redi-sleeve (made by Federal Mogul) over the pinion yoke where the seal had scored it. Cheaper than replacing the yoke. No leaks so far this year.


Can't help with with the bushing tool, pro bono from a friend's shop.

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