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NASCAR - California Speedway


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Anyone going?


I made a late minute decision the other day to go see the NASCAR boys go round and round, and round, and round, and well, you know what I mean!


Did OK with some tickets off Ebay and got some pit passes as well!


Hoping maybe to get some good pics from in the pits.


Everyone have a great long weekend,

See ya next week! .....in my mustang mirror that is



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We were there all three day. Nice Friday, hot Saturday, way hot Sunday.


Saturday's racing as a snooze, typical of CA Speedway.


Sunday's race was the best I've ever seen at this track, and one of the better races period. Lot's of racing for the lead, 4 wide going through the turns, and once the lights came on, it was great. We spent 2.5 hours barbequeing in the parking lot afterwards. Sunday was very hot. The best way to avoid it was to wear a soaking wet shirt, or lean against the big tub full of ice and water/soda/beer under the stands.

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I forgot to mention that they were filming a sequel to The Love Bug which explains the VW with a big spoiler and full roll cage. I'm thinking I'd like to contact the movie company and get that bug, it reminds me of my mispent youth delivering Pizza in one. You can get them airborne over rail road tracks. Useful escaping low rider Monte Carlos in South Ontario. I'll go see the movie when it comes out. The VW did pace laps with the Busch and Cup cars.

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Thankfully the G&H Racing bunch were in section 40, otherwise someone may make a comment about all of us CMCers being in the ODD sections. We were up in row 41, great for seeing the whole track, terrible for getting another beer.


Carson, I'm not sure I would talk too loud about that 6 car. One, it's a Ford, two, the sponsor makes it too open for comments about his ability to Git er dun.


Of course the 8 car seemed to be a too liberal with their sponsor's product the way they ran. Turn 4 is Junior's nemesis.


See y'all this weekend.

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