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Bow Tie or Blue Oval?


which chassis?  

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  1. 1. which chassis?

    • Fox
    • Sn 95
    • 3rd Gen
    • 4th Gen

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I've been very interested in CMC for a while now.

What is the *best* platform for this series?

Fox 5.0? Sn95 5.0? 3rd gen F-body? 4th gen F-body?

I'm thinking along the lines of ease of building, affordability of parts, reliability (for racing), cost of necessary mods for CMC, and of course competativeness & performance.

I'm definately a bow tie guy but I also do like mustangs... and their parts are so cheap! One issue is I've heard so much of is their crappy 4 link fox suspensions. Also any 3rd gen or fox would also require a 12" brake upgrade and 5 lug conversion (fox), adding to the cost. While a 4th gen could upgrade to 12" LS1 brakes much easier. I have a 4th gen and can barely see using a similar car to work on. It has to be, by far, the hardest to wrench on. They're so cramped! 4th gens are the heaviest and fox's the lightest but w/ lowest amount of power. Initial buy in for the 4th gen is highest and the parts overall are more expensive (opti, wires, hub bearings, etc)

I'm pondering moving towards this series in the next year or so. In the mean time I'm thinking of picking up a car I can use for track days and HPDE while slowly building it for CMC. I'd also consider buying a complete CMC car, which is the most economical route.


Opinions, thoughts, recommendations?

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