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Did I forget to mention that....

Tony G

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The first race on Saturday will be inverted by the current Seasons points standings.

So my ass is all the way to the back,and some of you lucky low points dogs are up front.

Standing start..what else is there??

One more thing,this first race will also count as a qualifying session for a Sunday race.

Man are we going to mix things up this next weekend,which will be a total blast,but make sure you ask questions in case you are not sure of what is going on.

By the way,this is the largest CMC entry ever in the history of CMC,does that mean we have an awesome group ..YES!!

Thanks to you all.

Tony Guaglione

CMC Chief Director

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Not for sure yet, I am still working on a third session..should know in a few days.

I will post any changes.

But for now,two sessions as seen on the schedule.

Sorry for the confusion, but there is some last minute stuff going on that I am working on.

Sunday will stay the same with a warm up ,and two races as scheduled.

Mandatory meeting for our group B at my trailer as seen on the schedule at 9am BOTH DAYS.Miss it and you will look like this


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Good question,

No ,you must bring your dyno sheet from a dyno jet that you have in your log book to receive points.

The dyno at the track will be a random pull,but you cant use that for your annual dyno,as this must be done before you get to the track.

I will explain more about the track Dyno at Saturdays meeting.



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OK, here's a question. I know that our car dynos differently on different brand dynos. The non-Dyno jet dyno had much lower HP, but higher torque, so how will we correlate the non-dyno jet results against those we have on file?


Just curious as the guy with the non dyno jet said they just work different, and he's pretty bright about these things.


#82 Camaro.

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Very good question.

But if I tell you I would have to kill you...

I will explain at the track on what we are doing,just too much to go into here on the B.Board.


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I guess I'll just have to go head to head with the MIG on the whole negative G thing and take some pictures of the "Bird", then hope we can survive the DYNO flat spin...that's assuming our unmuffled Camaro won't cause too many problems after buzzing the tower near the Admiral's Daughter.

Hopefully we'll see y'all Saturday.

Kevin Hall

#82 Camaro



ps. I feel the need for speed, and the pattern is full Ghostrider.


Did I mention that rumor has it Tom Cruise ran a Bomber Stock race at Orange Show Speedway before filming that classic Days of Thunder?

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