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Infineon Highlights

Tony G

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CMC biggest turnout ever.

A Big thanks to Sam Stowell and the entire BAF Racing Team for a incredible BBQ and feeding 80 people!

Chuck from Maximum Motorsports in helping with A/I the entire weekend.

New faces up front Pat Stone, Tim Bullock, Mike Donahoe.

Lots of new faces coming into CMC,as this series is now the standard of where you get fun and competitive racing found nowhere else.

Bad luck boys were Carson Scheller and Al Fernandez with rear damage after visiting some walls on separate incidents.

Shootout (really won by Tony) ,was declared a tie and a re-match is in the works with maybe 4 cars next time.

Super clean racing with 5 wide in some turns and NO incidents of any body contact!!

Nice job everyone and thanks for making it what it is!

Tony Guaglione

CMC Chief Director

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What a great bunch! Roger and I had a really fun time. I think we met most everyone, and all treated us well. Thankyou all for a great time! John & Roger team #44.

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I would like to again thank everyone for the help and concern for me and my car after Saturday's race .All I got was a coulpe of ADVIL handed to me then all the attention for the next two hours went to staightening out the rear end of the car. Kevin and Tom Hall and crew (new respect for dirt track racers) along with the fire truck and tow truck guys and gals worked their tails off and went right thru lunch- missed da BBQ...... WHAT a GREAT group of racers....git 'er dun, carson

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I just wanted to thank Tony, Al and Mike and any one else who worked so hard on making this past weekend a truly enjoyable time. Except for the high speed agricultultural run I made in turn six. It was very nice to see the number of entries, hopefully it will continue to climb. Sorry to see the damage to Al's and Carson's cars hopfully they can be repaired without too much trouble (read expense) The bbq on Saturday was terrific. i did not see any of the other series doing anything at all like that. It really is great to be a part of such a fine group, my hats off to all who worked so hard to make the event run so well



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You're welcome on the help. If you can't be on the track, sometimes it is almost as much fun having a good pit thrash. Unfortunately we weren't able to get your car back on the track for Sunday. The tow truck and fire crew guys were great with their impromptu frame rack.

Kevin Hall

#82 Camaro

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