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Rear axle complications


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I have a 94 Camaro SS. Recently a vibration and "rubbing" noise has developed in the rear axle. I have changed the wheel bearings, discs, pads, and just about everything else except the differential carrier bearing which I am in the process of replacing. The noise has not stopped and I am out of ideas. Please Help!


sincerely, Larry Yates


race enthusiast

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A couple of things to look at: First make sure your axle flanges are straight. Chevys are notorious for breaking flanges, but they usually bend first. Second check your drive line. It may have thrown the ballancing weight, or you may have a u-joint going out.

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...actually, I "fixed" a vibration earlier this year in my 1995 Firebird. I replaced the driveshaft, u-joints... Then someone pointed out that the pinion angle might have been off due to the fact that the car was lowered so much and I still had the stock torque arm. I raised the car 1/2 inch. This helped a little. The thing that finally eliminated the problem was getting rid of the flat-spotted tires.

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