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Reserved number list.


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Let's start a reserved number list. With more cars joining AI and CMC ( I know, it's mostly CMC), having double numbers should be avoided. If it comes to a double, the car with seniority should retain the rights unless he misses the first race of the season. So if you run a year, you have the first right of refusal for that number for the next season. If you miss the season opener, it's free game. We could make it so somebody has to run 5 of the 8 weekends or something like that.

AI/AIX numbers.

07 Armstrong/Karas

13 Dreier

27 Daffron

31 Videtto

45 Steel

46 Massey

54 Walton

91 Croutcher

95 Hershorin

173 Umphenour

These are the cars that have been regulars this year. The only conflict so far is Videtto and Bernard. Tim Gilpin will likely be back next year and he was 77 but I guess he gave it up after his crash. If he knows ahead of time that he has lost the number, it would be much less of a hassle.


If you need any help, I am available.

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Ryan and I have the list and try to do our best for the new entries.

Thanks for posting current A/I people.

Seniority will always win,and we would NEVER take a way a number from anyone who would only miss just the first event (heck I missed it and would be pissed if someone took away my number that I had for ten years).

Anyway, we generally give away a current number if a person has not attended or has let us know that they are done with that particular number.

It is common that the new guys always ask Ryan or myself for "open" numbers.


Tony Guaglione

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Although I sold my car and am teamed up with someone else I would like to reserve the #3 if at all possible and make it unavailable to anyone else in AI/X/CMC if at all possible. There are enough numbers available that every time someone takes one it should be theirs forever in this class. Actually, I would like to see all the original AI/X numbers up to this point to be reserved for their original owners. Off the top of my head I can think of Kevin Chambers #67 and Ernesto Roco #2. Of course it would be their decision. You just never know when all of us may pull out our old/new cars out of the barn and race again the way we did a couple years ago.

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