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Possible rule changes for 2005?


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I am seriously considering moving from AI to CMC for 2005. The AI rules discussion over at nasaforums.com has only served to make this decision a little easier thus far. I was curious if there were any known, planned rules changes for CMC for 2005? Are there any proposed changes that have yet to be decided upon? I guess I need to know what the 2005 AI ruleset versus the 2005 CMC ruleset will look like for 2005 as an input into my decision.


Finally, when will the 2005 CMC rules be available in their final form. The AI leadership has committed to late October and I was curious if there was a similar plan for CMC.



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If anything changes it will be very minimal.

Probably just cleaning up some wording on existing rules would be the majority of the changes.

Since we run through November,I would say by Thanksgiving would be the latest we would set out the new rules.

If you have any questions about some specifics please feel free to call me or email me.


Tony Guaglione

CMC Chief Director

916 933-5750

[email protected]

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Tony - thanks. Just knowing that the rules will likely be stable is very helpful. I will be finalizing this decision in about four weeks. According to my understanding of the CMC rules, I will need to remove a total of 7 pieces from my car, but I have seen CMC cars for sale that have one of these parts - I have to believe that I don't fully understand the rules. Whom should I contact for clarification?

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