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Stupid Idea (maybe)


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In the OH/IN region, the majority of the early events and probably half of all of the events are run in the rain. For those of us without a set of rain tires, this means that you need to be extra careful when compared to those with rain tires.


Now for the potentially stupid idea...


Assume that a competitor can only afford one set of tires at a time, would it make sense to get unshaven Toyos for the early part of the season (mostly rain events) and let them naturally wear down to the shaven tread thickness?


Has anyone here ever driven in the dry with unshaven Toyos? Obviously they will exhibit more squirm than shaved tires but will they take the abuse in the dry?


Just thinking out loud - always dangerous.

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Most years I buy a full thread set of tires for the rain season. With our limited rain in California, these tire usually get turned into dry tires. The Full thread tires are pretty slick for the first few heat cycles in the dry, but come into there own after about 4 cycles. The full tread tire tend to wear well and only show signs of abuse if run at let's say Willow Springs in July. There are front running competitors out here that always start with fully threads to maximize thier investment.


Good Luck and make the smart move to CMC



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So I guess I am not the only cheapo guy who has been thinking of this as an approach (and fed up with shaved tires in the rain). Based on what you say, there is not chunking or anything like that when running on full treads.


I think I'm going to try full-treaded Toyos for 2005 regardless of whether I go CMC or AI. "maximize my investment"

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Everything's a trade off, but this is one you don't have to worry too much about. As Mike said, just beware they'll be a little slick for the first few heat cycles.


Or ask Al, even the shaved one's are slick the first times...

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We did the same thing, and ran full tread to start. No telling how it worked as the car and driver were new, too. They seem to work fine after few heat cycles like everyone has said, we just now bought two more for spares.


As for Al, any tire gets slick on top of an oil slick.......

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