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Annual HPDE tech waiver


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According to this document, if your car is less than 5 years old and not "modified", you can get an annual tech inspection waiver. I tried to do this at the last HPDE I was at, but nobody that I talked to had heard about the annual waiver. I talked to the chief inspector guy and a couple people up in registration.


Has anyone successfully gotten the waiver? The instructions aren't super clear, and it seems like not very many people at NASA know about this rule. Is it new?

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Wouldn't it be a good idea to just learn how to check the car over your self anyway. Just becuase the car isn't modified doesn't mean that it should not be teched. How do you know all of the suspension parts are in good shape? Maybe you ran over something in the road and have a loose suspension peice? Maybe a tire with a nail in it? I know I am bieng picky here but the cars are on the track at high speed. Your problem can become someone elses problem rather quickly.

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I always check my car over very carefully before every event. However, in the NorCal region they seem to want us to have our inspection done at one of the official HPDE tech stations. The reason I'm exploring the annual tech waiver is so that I don't need to take it to a tech station before every event.


I think the annual tech waiver is a good idea, but unfortunately nobody seems to know anything about it.

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