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Infineon Raceway course change ????????


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You know, when you told me about this on the phone, I had no idea it would be THIS GOOD!




This might even beat the video I have.

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Al's thinking in his head...Why the hell is everyone going the wrong way,I thought Tony said at the meeting "reversed" not "inverted"???

Fosters.. HMMM.. Please bring extras


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Damn...thats a good picture..

I soo missed not being at Infineon..

I will be at the next event...driving something, whatever..just need to be there..

And also went down to see Carsons new ride today...A white and blue Firebird...(.Just like mine...but older) .He will bring it to my shop next week and we will get all the good stuff taken off the "green monster" and put it on the -bird...then some testing at BW in two weeks..

and following weekend..Infineon again..



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"Suddenly realizing that in the drivers' meeting Tony said, "first one to the checkered flag, wins", Al makes an executive decision in Turn Two, thus insuring that once again a Camaro wins."

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"Wait... I was supposed to start at the back this race. No worries, I'll just turn around here real quick...get to the back. No one will even notice, he he he..."




"I can't believe Carson spun his car in 2. What a dumb mistaWHOOAAAAAAA!!!!"



Oh you guys are just histerical!

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  • 2 weeks later...

AND THE WINNER IS...........................

(envelope rustling sounds)





for providing everyone with some great entertainment!!!



The Fosters will be delivered to you at Infineon next week!


And I thought only Aussies drove on the other, correct side of the road?

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