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What Front Brake Pads for 4th Gen CMC car?

David Borden1548534711

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What pads do you guys recommend for my slowly progressing 1993 LT1 CMC build? I have the late model front brake upgrade (off a 2000 camaro). I was thinking of going with Carbotech Panther XP 9's (I can use them for an occational autocross)...but am open to suggestions to what works best. I hope to take the car out for an opentrack next month if the stars align in my favor


If there is something that works really well and is cost effective, I am all ears



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I run those on my 1995 AI Firebird (probably CMC for 2005) for road races, autocrosses (ran yesterday) and street driving. BTW - my car has the LS1 front brakes.


I run Brembo OE blank rotors, Castrol SRF and Carbotech Panther XP's. I couldn't be happier. In fact, early this year, I ran a 30 minute session at Beaver Run (hard on brakes - I've ruined 2 brands of pads there in the past) simply trying to induce fade. None. I have been able to get 8 races out of the set of pads on there and the rotors are still decent. All of this on a 3664 lb car.


The only problem that has recently reared it's head is that since I have no ducts and have a few other temperature issues, I managed to cook the reservior cap seal (black plastic), the internal seals in the master cylinder (black plasic of some sort) and the reservior separated at the seam. I think this is due to the excessive heat that the SRF can carry. Brake ducts and some shielding should fix this.


My attitude about brakes are to find something that works based on recommendations (from least to most expensive) and stick with it. I settled on these and couldn't be happier.


My guess is that you could get similar endorsements for Hawk Blacks and Cobalt Blue (...forget the compound).

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The Hawk HT 10s will last for two full seasons if you give them a break, and blow your motor up every race like me...

but remember CMC is arrive and drive!

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