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Pure CMC Stamina..read this

Tony G

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As most of you know Carson Scheller had a bad walll experience in turn two at the last event and totalled his beautiful # 77 Camaro.

But here is the good part..after hitting hard and getting his car towed back into the pits, his first thoughts were "man I have to keep racing..but how"?

Now get this,on his way home he stopped and purchased another CMC car and is in the process of changing some of the stuff from the old car to the new one.

So Carson will be racing with us at the next Infineon event on Oct. 23/24!

I think this shows incredible desire and spirit for the love of the series and on a personal note is a very admirable feat from Carson himself.

Thank you Carson, its people like you that make this series so enjoyable to me.

Tony Guaglione

CMC National Director

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Well, kind words from the head wrangler, but the real KUDOS go to the CMC Board and ALL the other CMC racers that make this series sooo much more than just showin up and racin.

Part of racin is THE CHALLENGE of keepin your horse in shape .These AMERICAN IRON cars are much more affordable than other classes of cars and I was fortunate to find a deal that work out so I can git back in the saddle for the rest of the series. git 'er dun #6 Firebird carson

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Absolutely awesome Carson. We were all glad that you weren't hurt in that crash. This will probably go down in the record books as the fastest turnaround for getting back out on track!


Greg Robinson

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I forgot to mention my beautiful, kind, suportive and understanding wife who, IM sure will come around once she figures out da bus schedule out in front of da house ( had to sell 'er SUV ta pay fer da FIREBIRD) carson

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Way to go, Carson...some of my best excuses are:


1. It's not my fault I need new tires again, honey. The last six sets were defective.


2. If I rebuild this motor, it'll run more efficiently and save money on gas.


3. Just think, racing let's us visit such exotic locals as the Napa Valley, the Portland Festival of Roses, Carmel-by-the-Sea and I promise I'll take time from the track to see the tourist attractions.


4. Well, you really like IN 'n' OUT BURGER, don't you?


5. There will be lots of racing wifes and girlfriends at the track.


6. It's really cheap t o race now as the car never needs anything except gas (and a replacement set for those defective tires).


7. At least it's not a blonde umbrella girl.


8. I'll spend every weekend doing what you want.


9. We can visit your mother when we go to Sears Point.


10. If I get killed racing you'll get all that insurance money.


feel free to pick and choose any that might apply to your respective situations.....bubba gurney

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no one could ever make ya look bad Al, one or two of the other guys maybe. repair or replace ? the damage in my car radiated into the floor pan of the pasenger seat area.too much to straighten , the impact crushed the right rear cornor.but the unibody did exactly what it was supposed to do in that situation.(do they put concret inside those tire stackes ??) any way in my case it was much easier and probably cheaper to replace.Now in your case repair is cheaper but may take a little time. In any case we're both not hurt ( hell I've been bucked off horses much harder) The cars can be repaired or replaced. see ya back at da track ,, carson #6

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no one could ever make ya look bad Al


Have you seen the videos and screenshots posted?


No one else has to make him look bad - he does a good job on his own.

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