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Congratulations to Eric Varner - 2004 NASA Texas CMC champ!

Adam Ginsberg

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Huge congrats to Eric on his outstanding driving this weekend @ TWS, and coming home with the first ever Texas CMC championship!


Well done, Eric.


Final season results were:


1. Eric Varner - 1485pts

2. Todd Covini - 1475pts

3. Adam Ginsberg - 1456pts

4. Len Zazzarino - 141pts ( he raced for the first time this weekend ).


Video of Sunday race #1. - Right click, save as. It's a very large file ( nearly 300mb ). No comments about my mistakes.


The 2005 season will be incredible - Nick Runyon bought Jason Swindle's former CMC car, and was working on his comp license this weekend. Len should be running the entire 2005 schedule, 2-3 other GM cars are under construction, Chris McComb plans to have his Bondurant car ready for CMC action, Lewis Tanner's car should be complete....the list goes on. We should have ~10-12 CMC cars ready for duty in 2005, and we can't wait for the new season to begin!

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