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3rd gen F-body fuel starvation?


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So I read somewhere that 3rd gen F-bodys have a fuel starvation problem during hard cornering. Is this true and if so what is the fix? Fuel cell? Race on a full tank?



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They have no problems at all until they hit about a 1/3 of a tank then you will pick up some air on hard corners.

This is not a problem in CMC due to the fact that are races are never over 30 minutes and a full tank lasts over an hour.

So go out with a full tank and your fine.


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REALLY hard cornering (left) would get my (old) car starving at a little over 1/2 tank.


Tony's right, stuff it full before you go out, and you'll never have the problem.


OR, spend big $$ for a fuel cell, OR get a 1LE gas tank (it has baffles)...

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Ok, so filling up the tank takes care of fuel starvation, how bout oil? Is there an aftermarket oilpan and pick-up that you guys use or does stock work good?


I'm about to buy a third gen so I'm starting to order parts. I just ordered the AC delete pulley from GMpartsdirect. From reading this message board it sounds like the Baer brake kit is the way to go. Any other parts tips?

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Stock seems to work ok for many. You're allowed to run an accusump, or a Canton road racing oil pan, but not both. I'd say maybe 1/3 of the field out west runs accusumps, I couldnt tell you about the Canton pans. It might be skewed towards the accusumps because you dont need to pull the motor to install one though...

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We're oddballs out here, running a 3rd gen carbed car, and appearantly now also 'cuz we're running the Canton oil pan. It was $325 straight fom Canton, we built a fresh motor, so it was out of the car. It bolted up ok, but if you order one check it right off the bat against your block, ours had the dipstick provision on the wrong side, it had the wrong part number on it from the factory. Of course we found out the weekend before CA Speedway as we were doing the big thrash to get the car together for the first race. It took them about 5 days to get the new one out here. They can sell you the correct pick up to use as well. The 325 bucks is better than granading a nice new motor and all the fun that follows. (Not to mention having to be real nice to the better half to let you buy a new motor.)


I've driven our car the most, and feel that the pan is better than a stock one like we had to run in our Oval Track cars. There wasn't much pressure through the turns with that. We have great oil pressure all the time with our current motor and pan.

Kevin Hall #82 Camaro

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