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Tony G

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We have a special rate at the Best Western with breakfast for $60.

Book at 1 800-838-1387 Contact is Michelle,and say NASA.. Camaro Mustang Challenge.

Avail for Nov 12/13th, we have 25 rooms and 9 are taken so far as of today.

We will have our annual last race of the year, trophy presentation, 2005 rule updates, etc CMC party on Saturday night at the Round Table Pizza in the back room....and yes the directors are BUYING!!!


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Is there someone who is a hard sleeper, or snores...


My dad loves to show up and destroy my car on the weekends, and it doesn not stop there..He then snores so bad that I can not sleep, so if anyone who snores, or is a hard sleeper, my dad will go in halves, because if he sleeps in the same room with me, I wont sleep, and I may fall asleep at the wheel, because it is quieter, and I may crash into you!


Any takers? P.S. I will donate 2 hours of my dads time to your car if you agree to the terms!

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Greetings, there is a great track tutorial on THILL w/ turn by turn discription located at www.norcal-saac.org click open track info,drivers handbook,track tutorials,then click on Thunderhill logo (20 pages) also laguna seca and sears point (old course) also us rookies might check out the"driver's primer" in the same section all good stuff..see ya at THILL carson #6

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when I cant sleep 'cause of a snoring roommate on a race weekend ..I insist the snorer wear their helmet to bed ... and if that doesnt work....... I wear mine.. w/o hans device of course.....

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