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Question about Rolling Inner Fenders


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CMC Rule 8.5.1 states:


8.5.1. Fenders must be OEM stock or an OEM replacement. The interior fender lips may be rolled for tire clearance.


Just to clarify, rolling the inner lip could cause distortion of the outer, stock surface. Would this be OK or would this not be in the spirit of this rule?


I'm trying to use 3rd gen f-body wheels on my 4th gen and the rears rub a little. I plan on rolling the inner lip and adjust the ride heght. Obviously my preference would be to just roll the inner lip only, but I want to be sure that I understand how far I can go.



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We really don't want to see distortion,but have seen it on some cars,which they then have to fix it back to stock appearence .

The 3rd gen rear wheels should not hit as I have them on my 4th gen with no rubbing at all,and I have not rolled the fenders one bit.

Check the ride height, it sounds like you are to low.

I'm at approx 23 inches from the bottom of the wheel lip to the bottom of the fender lip.


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