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LT1 Clutch?


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I'm going to need a new clutch for my future CMC car.

What are the LT1 cars using?

I've used a number of different ones in my corvette and camaro over the years. However, they have always been street cars with very limited track time. I'm looking for an affordable unit that can withstand a season or more of track time.

I've used:

stock LT1 F-body

stock LT1 Corvette

SLP PP (LT4) & stock disc

SLP PP (LT4) & McLeod 7500RPM disc


For this new car I was thinking SLP PP and Spec stage 4 disc (kevlar? Carbon? Ceramic?)



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Well, I can certainly save you some money! That SLP PP is big time illegal. So, you now have $270 more dollars to spend on stuff to get you on the track!


I'm using the spec stage 3 ceramic. Its been in my car for 9 full race weekends and probably half as many test days (test days are generally five or six 30 minute sessions...aka an entire race weekend). It still feels like the day I put it in.


I discussed this with the engineer at Spec, since my old clutch exploded, instead of wearing out. The guys there decided even though we're not putting down a lot of power, we're constantly shifting, and the torque dampers and springs in the clutch are what we're seeing fail. Jeff Bernard recently lost a clutch in his LT1...same thing: kablamo. He went with a Centerforce though.


So...I think any clutch will last one season...but mine is essentially on its 3rd and counting if that makes any difference in your choice.

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How is the SLP PP illegal for CMC?


8.29. Clutch/Flywheel

Any single disc clutch and steel pressure plate of OEM stock diameter may be used provided that it bolts directly to an unmodified OEM stock flywheel.


The SLP PP is the same diameter as the stock unit, just a bit beefier.

Also, does your stage 3 disc have a sprung center? I destroyed a sprung hub disc w/ a stock LT1 before. Thats why I was thinking stage 4, they are solid hub. Either that or a stage 2 or stage 3 using a corvette disc, they are unsprung as well.

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D'OH!!! You're right! I read through the description of the SLP PP a little too fast and my brain decided it only worked with their light weight flywheel...so...sorry! That pressure plate is indeed ok if you want it.


Good question about the sprung center...I don't remember.

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