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CMC CAR IN 25 Hour's at Thunderhill !!!

Tony G

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Yes that's right, Sam Stowells beautiful CMC Camaro will be running in the E1 class with Greg Pickett racing backing the operation this year at the Thunderhill 25 hour race on December 11/12th.

Greg Pickett is the former Trans Am Champion and is still running in Trans Am this year.

Also Memo Gidley ( from the famed Air Force Ford Focus) will assist in driving as well as Sam Stowell himself and Tim Spurgeon.

This will be a great plug for CMC so make sure you come out to see what they will do with this car, and as usual you are all welcome to come out and help too.

Any moral and physical support would be very welcome.

Thanks Sam for your support all year in CMC, and what a great effort this will be for your team this year.

Go out and kick some major ass, we are all behind you on this one..Wow 25 straight hours!!


Tony Guaglione

CMC Chief Director

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Sam is looking for anyone who would like to attend the 25 hour to help out with some mechanical duties,and you will be rewarded well with food,great company,and all the usual fun.

Call him at 510 233-1448 to see what he is looking for.



Posting this since Sams computer is not working quite right.

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I have not been posting much or been around lately...

Been busy with work...Back to where I used to be..

I will be back with CMC next year ( New and Improved -Fbird) for a full season.

HOWEVER...For the 25-hrs of T-hill will be driving a Miata in E2

I miss everybody..

Looking forward to 2005..


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Hey Per, Great to hear from you! It will be great to see you back. I too have a new 4th gen 'Bird in the works, debuting sometime in '05! Poncho power!!!

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