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Computer Race Simulations


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See the For Sale section, I am selling a nice forced feedback system for PC. There are a few different games for it including some NASCAR stuff at Sears. I will throw those in for free!

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Gran Turismo 4, without a doubt. Scheduled release in the US is Dec 14, but you can order it from Japan on Dec 3rd. You can drive a Mustang, a 4th gen Camaro, and you can drive at Sears Point. What more could you want? I wonder if the mods available for the Camaro include a restrictor plate...

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I stumbled onto GT3 when I bought my kids a PS2 a few years back. Since that time, I have completely finished the game and setup an LT1 Camaro as close to mt own car as possible. My only gripe is that it appears that only two tracks are "real" - Laguna Seca and Monaco. I am continually astounded by the accuracy of the car response and have taught myself how to identify the true "slow in fast out" in complex sections of real tracks...


I see that Sears Point will be in GT4. Where can I find out what other real tracks are going to be in there? I'd like to have at least one track in our region represented.

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Here's a website with some relatively good & current info





and directly from that site...

"El Capitan in Yosemite, California's Infineon Raceway, and Japan's Suzuka and Twin Ring Motegi circuits."


And a supposed confirmed list from another site...

Real Race Tracks (9) 9 Confirmed

TSUKUBA Confirmed

FUJI (80 & 90) Confirmed


MONACO Confirmed (Cote d Azure)


INFINEON Confirmed (Sears point)

MOTEGI Road Confirmed

MOTEGI Ring Confirmed

SUZUKA Confirmed



See YA


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