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Thanks Kyle for the comments,and everyone should know that Kyle helped with all my safety equipment everytime I went out (nothing like stealing your competitors crew members),to make sure that I was safe as could be, so thanks again Kyle!

Tony Guaglione

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Welcome to the bulletin board Kyle and thanks for all the help this season, there is no way the car would have been as reliable as it was without all your help in getting it prepped.

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It is great that you help out everyone...Now you need to get a booster seat, and show your dad how to drive...It would be great to see you as the youngest CMC driver!


P.S. You guys can always steal my pit crew, my dad is really good with a jack!

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Hey guys,

first of all congrats to team hiline for the wins at thunderhill and the overall championship. I wish i could of been there to see it, but unfortunately i was stuck here in northern arizona going through hell for my initiation into the fraternity. hopefully i will get to come to some races next season. see u guys


jeff robinson

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Welcome to the board Kyle and Jeff!


Might we see some father/son teams in CMC in the future? Interesting.


For those that don't know, Jeff helped me quite a bit trackside over the last few years. He also routinely kicks my ass in karts. He is now an engineering student at Northern Arizona University on a USAF ROTC scholarship.


Hurry up and graduate Jeff, I'm tired of changing my own tires!


Greg Robinson

CMC Director and proud parent

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