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4th Gen build Q's


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I'm tentatively planning on building my '94 z28 into a cmc car for next season. I was wondering who are the people using the 4th gens, so I can ask them some questions... Right of the bat, I was thinking of getting a strut tower brace for my 02 SS because I'm doing 3 or 4 track days this winter. I read in the rules that its legal to have a bar attach the top of the front strut towers and also attach to the firewall in two places. Do they make strut tower bars like this? Is it a custom fab thing? Here is the link to the one on ebay I was looking at, will it work to put this on my cmc car for next season?




Also, how many 4th gens opt for the 3200lb limit vs. the 3480lb limit? How hard is it to get the car down to 3200lbs? I weigh about 180 or so.

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So you know, I am in the process of converting my AI car to a CMC car...


The STB design you are talking about is much more common on a Mustang than an f-body. The one that you link to on e-bay should be legal in CMC. FWIW, I have the Hotchkis STB...


As far as weight is concerned, my street and emissions-legal 1995 Firebird weighed 3667lbs, ready to race this year. I am still in the process of removing my power adders (only have to remove the headers and I'll be done). I am going to see where my power ends up before I try to get weight out of the car so I know where to start. Granted, lighter is always better, I am trying to maintain a legitimately street-legal status for my car so I need to accept some more weight.


3200lbs will be difficult, but not impossible. I'll post more once I get my car completely setup for CMC and take my first stab at a dyno run and get a weight. I am pretty sure I'll be targeting 3480 and likely be in the 35xx category.

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I have no tech to back this up, but I've heard rumors that 4th gen cars with strut braces to the windshield end up having issues with windshields cracking.


I agree with Keith, getting to 3200 is possible, but it takes a LOT of work. Everything has to be done with the thought of eliminating weight. Only one 4th gen on the west coast was running the heavy option last year. He was still wicked fast...but then again Jeff is a very talented and fearless driver.

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