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used toyo's - davis, sacramento, roseville?


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howdy everyone -


this is my first post here, i found the site/series looking for tires for a project.. the toyos you use came up in my search. this looks like a great racing series! i really like how the costs are kept down.. makes me look at the used 80's F-bodies on the corner lot in a different way. i actually own a 91 z28, but I don't think I want to race it..



my reason for posting, is that i'm setting up a 71 camaro with 16x8 wheels, and am considering running the toyo ra-1 spec tire this series uses on it. it has a 406 in the neighborhood of 450hp, and I am not interested in running drag radials for various reasons (one being - it's not a drag race car!)


so, to get to the question, i was wondering if there is anyone in davis, sacramento, roseville area who has either a pair or set of the toyos... mostly worn (90% worn is ok) but not corded yet? something I could mount up, check clearances, handling, traction etc. and be able to drive on a bit and see if they will work for me?



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I have some very used 275/40-17 Toyos, but this is not what you need...


I just wanted to reply so that I could say - Nice Car!


I should have never sold my 3rd gen!

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Hi Nick,


I've got some old tires that you are welcome to, they are mounted so you would need to get them dismounted and give me back the wheels. I have about five or six of these, so let me know and you can come get them. I live five miles west of Woodland.

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Keith - thanks! It may not have the modern-ness of the LT1 or LS1, but I certainly enjoy it...


Al - I'd have to change so much just to get it legal! I do my own computer tuning/chip burning, and I have a 97 camaro 6-speed in it, and it has the 350... Not to mention the various modifications I've made on top of all that. If it was a 305/5spd car and not a pampered weekend driver...i'd certainly consider it! I've watched some of the CMC videos and it looks like great fun. I still check ebay and craigslist fairly often looking for a CMC project car..


Julie - that would be great. What kind of condition are they in? Do you have a local shop that I can have them dismounted at? I normally have all my tire work done at the local Big-O here in antelope/north highlands, but it doesn't make much sense to ferry them back and forth if I could get it done locally. If you're around this weekend I could pick them up tomorrow, but no rush/hurry - whatever is convenient for you.

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Nick, sorry, missed your post earlier. I have a shop in Davis I use, Bernard's.

Let me count up how many old Toyos I have, I am not sure all of the old tires are Toyos!

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