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BUTTONWILLOW RACEWAY - Test Weekend Dec 11/12 2004


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For everyone who still can't get enough track time, here's another option for you and a good deal as well


Buttonwillow Raceway. December 11 & 12, 2004.

Full test weekend.

$175 for one car & one driver. Additional driver is $75

(Normal price is $175 per day, so this is a 2 days for one deal)


Purchase of a 2005 Test Card will entitle you to a $25 discount on this weekend and all test days in 2005.


Race prepared cars ONLY.


Gates open at 8.00am. They will probably run 2 track groups, Open Wheel & Closed Wheel with sessions of 20-30mins. Food and gift shops open.


Any takers..........




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I'll be flying in from NY that Friday, but will take another shot at convincing our bunch to go play. Sounds like fun. I hate to not get in the car again until Cal Speedway. Thanks for the note, Brett.

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Apparently you can run your street car on the track this Test Weekend as well, as long as it has the regulation seat belts etc.


Might be fun to take all those high horsepower cars for a decent run.


See YA


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Kevin, we have some pictures of you and Thomas at Infineon, but you don't have an e-mail listing. Give me a call 530-283-0894. Also the pics that you need for logbook! John #44 CMC Camaro

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Anyone else showing up for end of year testing ???


Or is that maybe just a little more track time while we wait for the beginning of next season.


I'll be there Saturday and Sunday to have some fun

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Hey Brett, IM a maybe for next weekend (either sat or sun ) I went out last sun for the greenflag event at BW and had a great time . not many cars at all.. soooo lots of track time.. used 25 gals in the firebird, never cracked the tool box .the tire temp were even straight across on all four. I put a passenger seat in w/ harness and took our daughter (over 18) out a couple times.. ..totaly cool dad. Also took out a photog who was there from grassroots motorsport mag , who took lots of pics..the car looked lonely w/o 20 other cmc cars...hope to see ya next weekend... #6

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