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Compromising pic of Tony


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That got your attention didn't it!


Tony tried to keep me from posting this, but his check bounced.


So here it is!




For some reason he was really happy all afternoon

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Isn't it obvious why Tony is happy and he attracted the three young lovelies? He's wearing a T shirt with a big photo of a Camaro! What gorgeous, intelligent young woman could resist anyone, even Tony, when faced with such sartorial spendor? And Tony is, of course, smiling and happy not because of the attention of the opposite gender but because he is thinking of his wife Sue and how happy the two of them will be with the new CMC Camaro now residing in their garage for the 2005 season. So, guys, if you're still driving a Mustang and need a little boost in your love life, just buy a T shirt with a CMC Camaro on it (or better yet a real CMC Camaro and that way you can win races, too) and wait for the girls to flock around you (disclaimer: does not apply to Julie)....Richard "yes, these mexican marriages performed by our waiter are legal" Pryor

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Really... they just love Mustangs and told me to come over and that they wanted to take a shot with a real Mustang driver.

So I guess Fords get the girls,and Camaros just get passed..like on the track.

Is there a focus button on your camera Don?


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Actually, they wanted a picture with a Miata driver.


Since Tony's the only CMC driver small enough to FIT in a Miata, they thought the black one in the background was his...

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