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Applying a Windshield Decal


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I just got my CMC windshield decal today (Thanks, Tony). Every time I apply decals to my car, I screw it up. Are there any tips or tricks that I can employ to not screw this up? Usually, I eyeball it, get it uneven ending up with a crooked decal with air bubbles in it.

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Keith, glass is the most difficult to work with but the same technique applies for applying decals on paint as well. Get yourself a flexible plastic squeegee (3M makes one). Most sign shops have them and will probably give you one for the asking. Use a tape measure to figure out where you want it and mark the windshield accordingly. Spray water on the clean windshield AND the back of the decal and place the decal. The water will allow you to move it around or even pull it off again if needed. You can't use too much water. Once you're happy with placement, squeegee out the water from the center of the decal out towards the edges. This is still with the paper "cover" on the top surface of the decal. With paint as your surface, you can usually carefully peel off the paper right away but with glass you may have to wait a while for some drying to occur. Try a corner and if the decal starts to come up with the paper, re-squeegee it and wait for more drying time. Once the paper is off you can still squeegee if necessary. DON'T put pinholes in bubbles; squeegee them out and if any small ones remain, they'll disappear over time.


It just takes some patience and some time. Water and a squeegee is the key. For painted surfaces use a tiny drop of dishsoap in your spray bottle and movement of the decal will be easier. Good Luck!


Greg Robinson

CMC Director/Team Hi Line

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