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We for got to ask , but where are you mounting your transponders on the Camaro's, (and don't say on Tony's car!)? Also what is the brand and model #? Your help is greatly appreciated. John #44 CMC Camaro

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RP is the only one mounting on Tony's car lately.


I put mine on the outside of the rear trunk depression (on the other side of the frame rail from where the spare used to be).


Just remember, don't wire it to your cool suit circuit, because it will only be on while the pump is cycling. Ask me how I know...

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This brings up an interesting point - is finishing position decided by visual at the start/finish or by who "breaks the beam" first? If visual then OK, but if it's "break the beam" wouldn't you want to have it as far to the front as possible while still ensuring that it won't get damaged?

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Very good question.

Visual will be used over the actual transponder mounting at any given time,so placement is not so important,however you will find my transponder very far forward in case your wondering.



Do you need a transponder?

I may have a hard wire one that is near new..call me if you need one .


916 933-5750

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