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25 Hours of Thunderhill


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Race report of sorts for Sam"s #4 Cytomax entry. Seventh fastest Qualifiers over all, we did finish the race,but had some work allong the way! Some rear damage,(mostly cosmetic), waterpump that decided to come loose, a transmission failure at about the 14th hour, two broken alternator bolts, along with two lost alt belts. We actually finished the race with a v-belt run upside down for about 6 hrs and was still on at the end of the race!!! Fastest lap was a 203.558 clocked by NASA in the first twelve hours, can't say about the last twelve we were too busy! We ran about 499 laps. Thats it for now. Was a lot of fun, great team.

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Thunderhill 25-hrs was great fun and weather was great this year.

I did unfortunately not get to drive with Sam this year but we pitted next to them and trust me those guys worked soo darn hard to get that back out on track again.

Although I did not drive a CMC car in the race , I drove the "energizer bunny"of race cars (Spec Miata). Our team finished 13th overall!

Not bad for a team where none of the drivers and most of the crew never met before friday.

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